5 years = 5 special items

It’s hard to believe that 5 years ago I packed up everything and decided to head off to culinary school. With that decision I also started this blog to stay in contact and share all the great food I was experiencing in New York. Over the years this blog morphed into healthy food recipes, a LOT of Chicago restaurants and a few odds and ends. So on this anniversary, I thought I would throw out the top five food-related things that happened this year to bring a smile to my face.

First up is a bellini at Boscolo Exedra Hotel in Rome. It was the last night in Rome and a toast was had in honor of James Gandolfini passing away.  The peach puree was as fresh as any I have had and mixed in with some wonderful Proseco – Delicious!!  The entire evening was nostalgic and memorable.


Coffee…I was off the caffeine for a very long time and it wasn’t until I tried this coffee that I started back drinking a cup or two of it a day.  Yes, full snobbery is had with purchasing it online.  I can honestly say every time I take that first sip in the morning it makes the day just a little bit brighter.  The coffee beans are roasted over a wood fire, the old fashion way.  By far, this is the best cup of Joe out there!


I am always on the hunt for an interesting cookbook and nothing really seemed to stand out this year for me.  However, when I did come across this children’s book, it made me laugh so hard like no other book has.  And really, I didn’t even know this author had the same last name, nor did I realize he lives in Chicago…but it does make it that more special.


Crème di Melicello was written up in the Oak Park Sun Times!!!!!!


Lobsters, lobsters, lobsters.  $2.99 lb.  For an e-n-t-i-r-e month.  Nothing but melted butter and lemon on them.  Enough said.


(Picture 1-4 are from Google Images)


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